braun beard trimmer

Braun Beard Trimmer

Braun MGK3021 – 6-in-1 Trimmer Machine, Braun Beard Trimmer

You will like the design of the Braun BT3021 beard trimmer. It’s lightweight and feels good in the hand, with a light-textured matte grip and a large power button. It looks nice and simple: a mix of matte and glossy black with medium gray and silver accents.BUY NOW

Achieve your style effortlessly with the Braun BT3021 Men’s Beard Trimmer. Offering maximum precision for a smooth cut, the BT3021 features a precision dial with 20 length settings and comes with razor-sharp blades for life.

Washable cutting head and comb (the device must not be kept underwater). The box includes 1 beard trimmer and hair clipper 1 beard comb 1 smart plug charger 1 cleaning brush User manual Warranty.

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Description of the Braun beard trimmer

Create different beard styles with the new Braun BT3021 men’s rechargeable beard trimmer. Twenty length settings and razor-sharp blades provide maximum precision for a consistent cut. Fully washable cutting head and comb.

  • Lifetime sharp blades to trim beard and hair evenly.
  • Precision dial to trim the beard in 20 length settings.
  • 1-10mm was a cutting comb for short to medium beards.
  • Forty minutes of powerful cordless trimming.

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braun beard trimmer
  • Fully washable beard trimmer head and trimmer comb attachment.
  • This product includes a 2-pin EU plug, compatible with most of the UK 2-pin bathroom plugs.
  • Braun Trimmers – Great value men’s grooming gifts.
  • Imported from the UK.

The box includes 1 rechargeable beard trimmer – BT3021 1 comb for 20 length settings (0.5 – 10 mm) 1 cleaning brush User manual Warranty.

Braun Beard Trimmer Safety Warning

Este aparato está provisto de un juego de cables especiales con una fuente de alimentación de voltaje extra baja de seguridad integrada. No intercambie ni manipule ninguna parte. De lo contrario, existe riesgo de descarga eléctrica. Utilice únicamente el juego de cables exclusivo que se proporciona con su electrodoméstico. Nunca use el dispositivo con ningún accesorio dañado como recortadoras, peines o un juego de cables único. Mantenga el dispositivo seco.

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Braun beard trimmer

¡No abra el aparato!

Los niños pueden utilizar este electrodoméstico a partir de los 8 años y las personas con capacidades físicas, sensoriales o mentales reducidas o con falta de experiencia y conocimiento si han recibido supervisión o instrucciones sobre el uso seguro del electrodoméstico y comprenden los peligros involucrados.

Children must not play with the device. Children should not do cleaning and maintenance unless they are over the age of eight and supervised.

Should you buy the Braun beard trimmer?


  • Good range of long positions.
  • Light.
  • Smart design.


  • The battery life does not live up to the manufacturer’s claims.

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Braun beard trimmer

Our verdict

This is a practical, lightweight, and affordable razor that makes it easy to sculpt a multi-length beard. We do worry about battery performance a bit, but as long as you can leave it charged overnight every few sessions, it should be fine.

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