Kativa Brazilian Straightening

kativa brazilian straightening

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September 9, 2020

KATIVA Brazilian Straightening Hair – Moisturizing Organic Oil

Kativa Brazilian Straightening makes it easy to get professional results with a single application and get certified at home.

the leading brand in hair care with keratin and argan oil (without sulfates or formaldehyde), brings us its version of the Brazilian straightening so fashionable lately.BUY NOW

With Kativa pampering, the straightened hair is over! Kativa straightens hair without damaging it!

This smoothing is a semi-permanent treatment based on keratin and Argan oil, which gives you spectacular softness while nourishing, repairing, moisturizing and giving shine.

Unlike Japanese straightening, this is also recommended for chemically treated hair such as highlights or dyes.

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kativa brazilian straightening

Take care of your hairkativa brazilian straightening

Kativa Brazilian straightening provides us with lost nutrients and proteins, such as keratin. In addition, the kit contains Kativa Brazilian straightening argan oil, rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids with antioxidant effects.

With the Brazilian straightening, Kativa achieves a smooth, soft and hydrated hair. Kativa ensures long-lasting results, a minimum of 3 months.

The  Kit contains Kativa. The Treatment contains a 15ml pre-shampoo, 150ml Brazilian straightening treatment, 30ml Kativa shampoo, 30ml Kativa conditioner, a brush and gloves.

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Kativa Brazilian Straightening Recommendation 

Once you’ve finished applying your Treatment, leave it in for a couple of days before you wash your hair again, and the holding treatment is complete.

Well, you see, it is easy to apply this product and enjoy Pelaz instantly. This complex treatment restores the quality of your hair, reduces volume, increases body shine and eliminates curls. The hair is soft and comfortable; This hair remodeling treatment will give you a very shiny silky mane.

Can I dye my hair?

Of course, you can dye your hair; It is recommended to match the use of straightening with its date of coloring. Carry out the straightening treatment and then the dye, since the straightening can be lightened in one or two shades of color. So I recommend painting afterwards.

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kativa brazilian straightening

Kativa Brazilian Straightening STEP BY STEP HAIRSTYLE:

  1. Wash hair with pretreatment shampoo 1 or 2 times. Then pat dry with a towel. Once the hair was clean, dehydrated in the dryer.
  2. Divide the hair into several parts and apply the Mask 2 strand by strand with a brush. Make sure to distribute the product well from root to tip.
  3. Let the product act for 15 minutes. Once the exposure time is over, remove the excess, if any, with a comb.
  4. Dry the hair with a brush and a blow to the Brushing technique. A good drying and brushing guarantee optimal results.
  5. Iron taking thin strands of hair and iron 6-12 times at a temperature between 200 ° and 215 ° C (the time that the iron is given and the temperature depend on the thickness of the hair. It is advisable to reduce the temperature of the iron if has been damaged, faded or highlighted) you finish. Iron the inch until no mask residue remains 2. Before starting step 6, wait 5 minutes for hair to cool.
  6. Wash your hair with Shampoo 3 to completely remove treatment residue. Remove excess moisture and apply Conditioner 4. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse with water. Then blow-dry your hair.

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