led nail polish

Led Nail polish

Elite99 Semi-Permanent UV LED Nail Polish, 6 Piece Nail Polish Kit

LED nail polish (also identified as nail varnish or nail polish) is a lacquer that can be used on the human nail or toenails to enhance and preserve the nail plates, typically of women and girls. The code has been periodically revised to improve its decorative effects and eliminate cracking or flaking.

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Description of led nail polish

  • Elite99 6 colors of 10ml semi-permanent gel polish.
  • Durable semi-permanent enamels: Offers a long duration of 10 to 14 days.
  • Non-toxic Resin – High-quality gel polish with a slight odor and good toughness. Tight and flexible values ​​that adhere to the nail quickly and firmly, with a healthy and spectacular shine.
  • Lamp required: the glitter gel must be dried under UV or LED light.
  • Wide use: gel glitter that keeps nails healthy and flexible, does not split or flake. Suitable for natural, artificial and acrylic nails.

Led nail polish consists of a mixture of an original polymer and any other component that gives it its different color and texture. LED nail polishes come in all color shades and play an important role in manicures or pedicures.

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led nail polishLed Nail Polish Ingredients

  • Nail polish consists of a film-forming polymer dissolved in a dilute organic solution.
  • A solution of nitrocellulose in butyl acetate is typical, or ethyl acetate is approved. This essential formulation is expanded to include the following.
  • Plasticizers to produce non-brittle films. Dibutyl phthalate and camphor are common plasticizers.
  • Tints and colors. Typical compounds include chromium oxide greens, chromium hydroxide, ferric ferrocyanide, stannic oxide, titanium dioxide, metal oxide, carmine, ultramarine, and manganese violet.
  • Opalescent colors. The bright / brilliant color can be imparted by mica, bismuth oxychloride, real pearls and aluminum powder.
  • Adhesive polymers ensure that nitrocellulose sticks to the nail plate.

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  • One modifier used is tosylamide-formaldehyde reskin.
  • Thickening agents are added to keep the particles shiny at the end while in the bottle. A typical thickener is a stolen cone hectorite.
  • The thickening agents show thixotropy; their solutions are vicious when they are still, but flow freely when they are agitated.
  • This duality is convenient for efficiently using the freshly moved mixture to give an immediately stiff film.
  • UV stabilizers resist color changes when the dried film is exposed to sunlight. A typical stabilizer is benzophenone-1.

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