Oral-B Mouthwash

Oral B Mouthwash

Oral B Pro-Expert Professional Protection Mouthwash – 500 ml

Oral B Mouthwash is not a substitute for a regular oral hygiene routine of brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily. The main function of most mouthwashes is to freshen your breath. However, if you suffer from severe chronic bad breath (halitosis), talk to your dentist about other ways to address the causes of the problem and manage your bad breath condition.BUY NOW
That said, some types of mouthwashes, such as fluoride rinses, can help protect your teeth against the acids produced by plaque bacteria if you use them after you brush your teeth well and floss. And your dentist may prescribe a specific mouthwash or mouthwash if you are recovering from a yeast infection or episode of gum problems.

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Points to keep in mind Oral B Mouthwash

Oral B Mouthwash

Keep these points in mind to get the most out of your mouthwash or mouthwash:

Dilute if necessary

Be sure to read the label of whatever brand of mouthwash you choose. Different brands have different strengths and some may recommend that you dilute them with water. Remember, if the label doesn’t tell you to cut, you may not get the full benefit of mouthwash if the germ-killing ingredients are at a lower level.

Mouthwash is not a replacement

It is essential to remember that no mouthwash is a replacement for the usual oral care routine of brushing and flossing twice a day. So even if a mouthwash is recommended or prescribed by your dentist, you should still follow your full oral care routine to maintain good dental health.

Oral-B Mouthwash Watch the Clock

One of the keys to using mouthwash correctly is to rinse it in your mouth for the correct amount of time. Read the product label. Most mouthwashes recommend shaking the product in your mouth for 30 seconds to a minute and then spitting it out.

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Oral-B Mouthwash

Oral B Mouthwash Steps to follow when using a fluoride rinse

Use the Right Amount – Use the amount of rinse indicated on the label or as directed by your dentist.

Swish how do you mean it

Keep your mouth closed and rinse the rinse vigorously as directed on the label.


Do not swallow the mouthwash. The fluoride in most fluoride rinses can be toxic if you consume enough amounts. If you allow your child to use mouthwash, supervise to make sure she spits it out and doesn’t eat it.


Para obtener el mayor beneficio de un enjuague bucal con flúor, evite comer, beber o fumar durante al menos 30 minutos, para no eliminar el flúor.

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¿Cómo funciona el enjuague bucal Oral B?Oral-B Mouthwash

La respuesta a la pregunta de qué enjuague bucal varía según el tipo de enjuague bucal. La respuesta a la pregunta de qué enjuague bucal varía según el tipo de enjuague bucal. Algunos refrescan el aliento, otros brindan un beneficio anti-caries del flúor. Mientras que otros contienen ingredientes que matan los gérmenes para prevenir la acumulación de placa en los dientes.

Para ayudar a elegir el enjuague bucal adecuado. Recuerde lo que hace el enjuague bucal y tenga en cuenta estos puntos:

Alcohol: ¿sí o no?

Alcohol is a component of many types of mouthwash and rinses Which can be problematic if a large quantity is deliberately swallowed.

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